2637. In Dysentery, Nux Vomica Has Been Highly Spoken Of

Hufeland states that he derived great benefit from it in the treatment of epidemic dysentery. Thomann, also, bears witness to its good effects; and Ritcher§ observes that the extract tends directly to allay the irritation of the alimentary canal; and that, if combined with Opium, this effect is very marked, and much more decided than when either Opium or the extract is given alone. Dr. Most found the following formula particularly serviceable in what he terms Pituitous Dysentery. -2637 In Dysentery Nux Vomica Has Been Highly Spoke 220 Nucis Vom. f3J., Aq. Ferv. fvj.; strain and add T. Opii f3ss., M. Dose, a tablespoonful every two hours. Dr. Geddings,|| who quotes the above authorities, adds his testimony to the value of this remedy in dysentery, and states that, from his own experience of its use, he feels assured that it will prove a useful adjunct, and that, in some cases at least, it will afford relief when other remedies fail.

2638. In Pyrosis, it was first proposed as a remedy by Linnaeus, who regarded it almost as a specific. He advised it in doses of gr. x., but this quantity is much too large for ordinary cases. It certainly appears, in some cases, to exercise a powerful influence, but is inadmissible in inflammatory states of the intestinal canal. Its value has been confirmed by Drs. Belcome,¶ Mellor,** &c.

In Gastrodynia, attended with Pyrosis, it was also found very serviceable by Dr. Belcome; but it is a dangerous remedy, and should never be employed until the Nitrate of Bismuth and other more innocent remedies have been first tried.

2639. In The Vomiting Of Pregnancy, Dr

Kroyher, of Presburg, advises minute doses of Nux Vomica as a specific. Dose of the tincture, gutt. ij. - iv., gradually increased to gutt. x. The bowels at the same time are to be carefully regulated.

2640.In Prolapsus Of The Rectum, Dr

Schwartz speaks highly of the extract of Nux Vomica. He dissolves gr. ij. in f3ij. of water, and of this administers gutt. ij. - iij. for infants, and gutt. vj. - xv. to older children, according to their age. He adds that he has employed it extensively, and never saw any ill effects from it; still, it is too powerful a remedy to be used until milder measures have failed. M. Foucher* effected a cure in a case of Prolapsus of the Rectum occurring in a child set. 4, by the hypodermic injection of Strychnine. He injected ten drops of a solution containing gr. iij. of the sulphate in f3v. of distilled water.

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2641. In Incontinence Of Urine, It Proves Occasionally Useful

Mr. Solly employed it in one case of incontinence of urine, consequent on an operation of lithotomy, in doses of gr. 1/8, twice or thrice daily, and by this means effected a perfect cure. M. Peterquin also successfully treated several cases of incontinence of urine in children with the tincture, employed as an embrocation to the loins and perinAeum. Two cases, cured by its internal use, are also recorded by M. Cerchiari. In Spermatorrhoea and in Impotence, it has also been found of occasional benefit.