2642. In Neuralyia, M

Roelants,§ of Amsterdam, employed Nux Vomica with great success. Out of twenty-nine severe cases, a perfect cure was effected in twenty-five, and decided relief afforded in the other four. He esteems it a certain and efficacious remedy. The dose was from gr. iij. to x. daily; but it is advisable to commence with the smaller dose, and gradually to increase it. Dr. Pidduck|| found it effectual in Sciatica. It is inadvisable in inflammatory states.

2643. Tremor Of The Limbs Produced By Habitual Intoxication Is Stated By

Dr. Pereira¶ to be much benefited by the use of Nux Vomica. He mentions one case in which its effects were very marked.

2644. In Intermittent Fevers, it has been advised, and appears to possess considerable febrifuge power; but it is rarely employed, and is inadmissible when there exists cerebral complication, or congestion of the liver or spleen. In Hay Fever, Mr. Gream** states that he found it very effectual. He gave small doses, and applied Ung. Plumb. Acet., high up in the nostrils.

2646. In Constipation, depending upon deficient tone of the muscular coat of the large bowels, and imperfect propelling power of the upper part of the rectum, Dr. Copland states that he has found benefit from Nux Vomica, combined with other remedies; thus, -2643 Tremor Of The Limbs Produced By Habitual Into 221 Ext. Coloc. Co. ij., Sapon. Castil. gr. xij., Ext. Nucis Vom. gr. iij., M. ft. pil. xij., cap. ij. hora somni. He also found a similar formula useful in Torpor of the Colon. I have employed the formula in a large number of cases, and almost invariably with marked benefit.

2646. In Chlorosis, Dr

Copland XX states that in a few obstinate cases he has prescribed, with marked advantage, small doses of the extract of Nux Vomica: -2646 In Chlorosis Dr 222 Pil. Aloes c. Myrrh. vj., Ext. Nucis Vom. gr. x., M. ft. pil. xxxvj., cap. j. - ij. nocte maneque.

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2647. In Epilepsy, when of an asthenic character, complicated with paralysis, or consequent on excessive evacuations, the formula advised in the last section has been found serviceable. When the disease follows the disappearance of the menstrual discharge, Dr. Copland * observes that it is of especial value. Its employment demands extreme caution; if administered in plethoric, inflammatory, and irritable states, or carried too far, it is liable to excite inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord. (Copland.)

2648. In Diabetes, it has been proposed, but it is a remedy of very doubtful value in this disease. Dr. Peacock found advantage from the following powder: -2646 In Chlorosis Dr 223Pulv. Nucis Vom. gr. v., Ferri Precip. j., CretAe PrAep. 3j., Pulv. Opii gr. j., M. ft. pulv. ter in die sumend.