2666. In Acne Simplex, Dr

Todd § advises the following powders: -2666 In Acne Simplex Dr 224Sulphur. Loti, MagnesiAe Carb. āā 3 j., Pulv. Rhei j., Pulv. Rad. Glycyr. 3ss., M. ft. pulv. vj., cap. j. bis terve in die. Plummer's Pill, and other alteratives, may be given internally at the same time. In Acne Rosacea, Mr. E. Wilson || found great benefit from the following lotion: - ℞ Sulphur. Sublim. 3 ij., Camphor 3j., Aq. Dest. fiv., M. ft. lotio.

2667. In Prurigo Senilis, Alibert advises the following as an effectual application: - ℞ Sulphur. Sublim., T. Opii āā 3ss., Zinci Oxid. 3j., Ol. Amygd. fj., Adipis iij., M. ft. unguentum. Mr. E. Wilson ¶ observes that Milk of Sulphur, in moderate doses night and morning, for two or three weeks, is sometimes found useful, particularly in the Prurigo Mitis of children. In Impetigo, Alibert's ointment (ante) often proves highly serviceable; but it is worthy of remark that the free application of Sulphur to impetiginous eruptions not unfrequently aggravates the local mischief. In Ringworm, the compound Sulphur Ointment, diligently rubbed into the scalp, proves serviceable. Mr. E. Wilson** speaks highly of the following application, originally suggested by Dr. Wilkinson: -2666 In Acne Simplex Dr 225 Sulphur. Sublim., Picis LiquidAe, Axung. āā iv., CretAe PrAep. ij., AmmoniAe Hydro-sulph. f3j., M. In Favus, the Ung. Sulphur. Co. is a useful stimulant application. In Pityriasis, Dr. J. Green states, that in a practice of thirty years, he has never known a case which resisted a few exposures to a Sulphur vapour-bath. An aperient should precede the use of other measures. Chloasma or Liver Spots are often speedily removed by Sulphur given internally, and applied in the form of a vapour-bath. In Chronic Eczema, Sulphur added to Starch, and dusted over the part, is occasionally, useful in relieving irritation.* Dr. W. Frazer observes, that in any eruption, so long as the pain is of a scalding character, Sulphur and its preparations increase the distressing sensations. To Burns and Scalds, Dr. Myrtle recommends dressing with Sulphur Ointment.

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2668. Other Diseases

In Acute Rheumatism, Dr. Greiner, of Leipsic, found Sulphur a valuable remedy in doses of 3j. - 3ij. three or four times a day. He observes that from its affinity for Hydrogen, and its union with that gas in the organization, its action is specially directed to the venous division of the sanguineous system. In Chronic Rheumatism, the value of Sulphur is much better established than in the acute forms of the disease. The nostrum, commonly known as " the Chelsea Pensioner," and which has long maintained a high repute as a remedy for the various forms of Chronic Rheumatism, appears to owe a great portion of its efficacy to the Sulphur which it contains. It is thus formed: - ℞ Flor. Sulphur. ij., PotassAe Bitart. j., Pulv. Guaiaci 3j., Pulv. Rhei 313., Spirit. Nucis Myrist. f3ij., Mellis q. s. ft. electuarium. Dose, 3j. - 3ij. every morning and evening. Prof. Graves § speaks very favourably of a very similar formula, and Mr. Clay,|| of Manchester, states that for several years he has prescribed Sulphur internally and externally in Chronic Rheumatism with the best effects. In Gout, it is advised by Hufeland with the view of preventing the recurrence of the attacks, for which purpose he combines it with Guaiacum, and gives it in doses sufficiently large to act gently as an aperient. Rheumatic Headaches, and also those which occur about the period of the cessation of the menses, are often much benefited by the interna} use of Sulphur.