2. Trochisci Acidi Tannici (Tannic Acid Grs

ccclx.; Tincture of Tolu fl. oz. ss.; Powdered Refined Sugar oz. xxv.; Powdered Gum Arabic oz. j.; Mucilage of Gum Arabic fl. oz. ij.; Boiling Distilled Water fl. oz. j. To be made into 720 lozenges). Each lozenge contains gr. ss. of Tannin.

Dose of Tannic Acid, gr. iij. - gr. xx.

Contra-indications. 1, HAemorrhages and fluxes wherever situated, which are only the relieving of an obstructed circulation, or of inflammatory or congestive action; 2, obstinate constipation; 3, Gastritis, and irritable states of the stomach.

2702. Therapeutic Uses

In passive and exhausting HAemorrhage, whether proceeding from the lungs, the stomach, the uterus, or the kidneys, Tannin, internally administered in doses of gr. iij. - vj., three or four times a day, proves useful by its powerfully astringent and tonic properties. The contra-indications of its use are enumerated in the previous section. In Menorrhagia, Dr. Porta, || who advises it in this class of cases in doses of gr. iij., every three hours, draws the following conclusions respecting its use: - 1. That whenever the uterus is the seat of irritation, giving rise to active hAemorrhages, and also when this discharge depends upon chronic Metritis, Tannin acts specifically upon the uterus; 2, that when the hAemorrhage depends upon acute Metritis, the inflammation should be subdued by-blood-letting, &c., previous to its use; 3, that when the discharge depends upon organic disease of the uterus, it has no efficacy; 4, that preference should always be given to Tannin, in the treatment of Menorrhagia, as it is prompt in its effects, produces no unpleasant symptoms, and is well borne even by irritable stomachs. Dr. Alison finds it most serviceable when combined with a small portion of dilute Nitric Acid. In superficial HAemorrhage, as from the Gums, Hemorrhoids, &c., Tannin, locally applied, either in the form of lotion (gr. iij. - iv. ad Aq. fl. oz. j.), or in fine powder dusted over the bleeding surface, proves an efficient styptic. In Hematuria, Dr. O. Rees* states that it is the best astringent he knows of, when given in the form of pill. In Hemoptysis, in the Hemorrhage of Dysentery, and in threatened Abortion, it is strongly advised by Dr. Cummins, to be given in combination with Opium and Ipecacuanha. In Epistaxis, Tannin, finely powdered, is to be blown through a quill into the nostrils.

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2703. In Chronic Bronchial Catarrh, occurring in weakly and elderly persons, unconnected with disease of the heart or great blood-vessels, and attended with copious and debilitating expectoration, the internal administration of Tannin, in doses of gr. j. - ij. - iij., twice or thrice daily, has greatly and gradually abated the secretion, relieved the frequent cough, and improved the strength. (Dr. Alison.)