2704. Phthisis

In the second stage of Phthisis, viz. that of softening, when Bronchial Catarrh has been present to a large extent, weakening the patient, causing frequent cough, and disturbing sleep, Tannin has been found by Dr. Alison to be equally as beneficial as it is in Chronic Catarrh (ante). But, he adds, in pulmonary disease, the greatest amount of benefit has obviously been derived when large cavities have been present in the lungs, the walls of which have thrown out large quantities of purulent matter mixed with blood. In such cases the discharge has been effectually controlled, and the rate of wear and tear of the system obviously restrained, without the induction of oppression or other evils. In the profuse Perspirations of Phthisis, he states that he also found it effectual, combined with Nitric Acid. M. Charvet relates several cases in which its efficacy was very striking. He recommends it in repeated doses of gr. 1/3, with or without Opium, and gradually increasing the dose to gr. iss. Rhubarb may be added if it cause constipation.

2705. In The Chronic Stage Of Hooping- Cough, Tannin Is Recommended By M

Sebregondi.§ He administers it every two hours in gr. 1/4 doses, in conjunction with a sedative, as Conium, or with a purgative, as infusion of Senna. Under this treatment, the paroxysms entirely ceased. Dr. Durr* advises its combination with equal parts of Benzoin and fifty parts of Sugar. He found it very efficacious.

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2706. Diseases of the Genito- Urinary Organs, &c. In Atonic Leucorrha, Dr. Alison found Tannin efficacious in restraining the discharge, and restoring the tone of the system. He prescribes an aqueous solution, combined with a small portion of dilute Nitric Acid. Dose, gr. ij. - iij., twice or thrice daily.

2707. In Syphilitic Ulceration of the Cervix Uteri, an application, first proposed by M. Ricord and strongly advised by Dr. Grandcourt. is .j. of Tannin, dissolved in Oj. of light Claret, in which some aromatic herbs have been previously macerated.

2708. In Prolapsus Ani, Dr

Alison speaks favourably of the injection of an aqueous solution of Tannin. It is particularly indicated, when there is much relaxation of the parts. Reduced to a fine powder and mixed with lard, it is advised as an application to hAemorrhoidal tumours, when free from inflammation. In Fissure of the Anus, Dr. Van Holsbek has used the following with great advantage: -2708 In Prolapsus Ani Dr 227 Tannin 3j., Glycerine f3xvj., M., introduced on a tent, night and morning.

2709. In Gonorrhoea And Gleet, M

Ricord speaks highly of an injection composed of gr. xviij. of Tannin dissolved in fvj. of Port Wine. On this point, Dr. Alison observes, in Gonorrhoea, chronic or about to become such, Tannin applied externally as a lotion has proved serviceable. Thus applied, it has caused no smarting, although the parts have been tender, and though it has been applied with little intermission for some days. In Vaginitis, M. Demarquay§ obtained excellent results from the Glycerole of Tannin, formed by dissolving Tannin (1-2 parts) in Glycerine (3 parts). It is locally applied on tampons of wadding to the sides of the vagina, by means of a speculum, and allowed to remain in situ for some hours.