2710. Other Diseases

In Chronic Diarrhoea, which has resisted all ordinary treatment, and which is not dependent on obstructive disease of the heart or liver, Tannin has proved, according to the experience of Dr. Alison, of surprising efficacy. In severe cases depending on an irritable weakly mucous membrane, he states that he has not known one failure; and of those examples connected with chronic inflammation and disorganization of the mucous membrane, only two proved beyond the influence of the remedy. It should be given with Opium in the form of pill.

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§ Ranking's Abstract, xxxii. p. 299, 1860.

2711. In Dyspepsia, Tannin Proves Very Efficacious

The symptoms disappear under its use, the appetite increases, flatus and the sense of distension abate at the same time; and it has been found, in several instances, that the bowels, far from becoming constipated, acquired a more healthy tone, and actually became more free. It may be advantageously combined with dilute Nitric Acid. (Dr. Alison.)

2712. In Rachitis, Dr

Alison has the highest opinion of the internal use of Tannin, in doses of gr. 1/2 - j., twice or thrice daily. He states that he has employed it in numerous casts, both in hospital and in private practice, and he considers that it not only possesses the power of arresting the progress of the disease, but also of correcting the tendency to it. If it actually possesses this power, it must act by invigorating the general health, and by imparting a more healthy character to the formative processes, by virtue of which Lime and other ingredients in the blood are more forcibly attracted to and fixed in the osseous structure. It deserves a further trial; in the hands of Dr. Alison, it appears to have been signally beneficial.

2713. In Nervous Diseases, as Debility, Languor, Excitability, Ac, Tannin proves, according to Dr. Alison, a permanent nervine. Great caution is necessary in its use, as if any inflammation, even sub-acute, be present, the disease may be aggravated. It may be advantageously combined with Camphor, Hops, or Henbane, and the use of the shower-bath. Dose, gr. ij. - iij., thrice daily.

2714. In Mercurial Salivation, Tannin Is A Valuable Local Application

Dr. Watson* found that pure Tannin, moistened and smeared upon the spongy gums, is remarkably efficacious in rendering them firmer and more comfortable. In Idiopathic HAemorrhage and Sponginess of the Gums, it also proves most useful. In Toothache, Dr. Druitt states that Tannin is the most effectual of all remedies; thus -2714 In Mercurial Salivation Tannin Is A Valuable  228 Tannin j., Gum Mastich. ss., Spt. Ether. Sulph. fss., M. It is particularly serviceable if the gum be flabby, or in case a bit of the gum grows in the cavity of a carious tooth.

2715. In Anasarca Accompanied With Albuminuria, Dr

Garnier considers that he derived great use from Tannin in daily doses of 3ss - 3j.