2746. Diseases Of The Abdominal Viscera

In Spasmodic Affections of the Bowels, great relief is often afforded by the application of Turpentine fomentations (ante) to the abdo:nen. They are often effectual when other fomentations fail. The oil (fl. oz. ij.) may also, in obstinate cases, be given internally, conjoined with Oleum Ricini. In Flatulence and Flatulent Colic, a Turpentine enema is often productive of much good. In Ileus, Dr. Copland remarks, that notwithstanding constant or even fAeculent vomiting, advantage will sometimes be derived from a full dose (f3iv. - f3x.) of the unrectified Oil of Turpentine, taken with aromatics, &c. He adds that he has seen the vomiting cease, and the distension of the abdomen rapidly subside immediately after this draught, which should be repeated if the former has been thrown off. In Colica Pictonum, it also proves of great service.

2747. In Cholera, the Spirit of Turpentine applied by means of hot flannels, and by diligent friction over the abdomen, is one of the best external applications which can be resorted to. It may also be administered in the form of enema; thus employed, it has proved in many instances highly serviceable, stimulating the system, allaying the vomiting, and causing a degree of reaction which other remedies fail to produce. I would also strongly advise its internal exhibition, in the manner and doses advised in HAemorrhage. In the stage of collapse, its external application should never be neglected.

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2748. In obstinate Constipation, particularly in that which accompanies disease of the Brain, the Oil of Turpentine fl. oz. j. - fl. oz. ij., with Ol. Ricini fl. oz. j., is often very effectual. Its action is not simply that of a purgative, but also that of a derivative. Dr. Paris speaks highly of its efficacy.

2749. In Chronic Jaundice, connected with hepatic disease, and where there is a tendency to dropsy, the internal and external use of Turpentine is productive of good.