1609. In Cancer Of The Uterus, Dr

Ashwell* states that he has derived great benefit from the following ointment: -1609 In Cancer Of The Uterus Dr 145 Iodinii gr. xv., Potas. Iod. ij., Ung. Cet. iss., M. A portion, the size of a small nutmeg, is to be introduced on the point of the finger into the vagina, and rubbed into the diseased part, every night, for ten minutes.

1610. In Non-Malignant Tumours Of The Uterus, Dr

Ashwell-speaks well of Iodine employed externally and internally. He states that he has seen tumours of the cervix uteri disappear under its use; and when they are seated in the walls, or are projecting into the cavity of the uterus, he found their further growth controlled, though not altogether removed, by the same remedy. Locally, he employed the ointment named in the last section.

1611. In Congestion and Ulceration of the Os Uteri, the following application has been favourably spoken of: -1610 In Non Malignant Tumours Of The Uterus Dr 146 Iodinii 3j., Potas. Iod. 5ij., Aq. Dest., Spt. Vini Rect. aa fij., M. ft. applicatio.

1612. In Dysmenorrha, Dr

Churchill § states that, in a case where a false membrane was habitually discharged, he effected a cure by repeated applications of the caustic Tincture of Iodine to the cervix uteri. Chronic Uterine HAemorrhages, from whatever cause, have been successfully treated by Dr. Dupierris, of Havannah, by means of injections of Iodine || (1 part of Tr. Iod. to 3 of Water). Dr. Savage¶ relates two cases of Obstinate Menorrhagia cured by this means. In both cases he employed the officinal Tincture (Ph. Lond.): in one he used f3iij.; in the other fij., diluted with an equal quantity of water.

1613. In Hydrocele, the plan of injecting a diluted Tincture of Iodine (1 part to 3 of Water) was first introduced by Sir R. Martin, in the Calcutta General Hospital. It has been generally found much more efficacious in obtaining a radical cure than the old port-wine or any other injections. Velpeau** employed it in 300 cases without a single untoward accident; and Mr. Listont speaks highly of its efficacy. In 1148 cases treated by Iodine injections, there were only three failures.* It is not necessary to throw in more than f3j. - f3ij. of the fluid, and it does not much matter whether or not all of it is evacuated from the cavity.

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426 iodum.