368. As A Preventive Against Hydrophobia,

Mr. Youatt, a most competent authority, extols the Nitrate of Silver. Immediately on the bite being received, the caustic should be freely applied to the wound; an eschar forms, and the ulcer should be allowed to discharge freely for some weeks. Mr. Youatt states that he has employed it four times on his own person, when bitten by-rabid dogs, and that, by the early and free use of this remedy, he has experienced no ill consequences. Others, however, have not been so successful in its use, and it appears, on the whole, that excision of the part is decidedly the safer practice. When, however, the Nitrate is used, it should be sharpened to a point, and applied freely to every recess and sinuosity of the wound. The same remarks apply to the bites of the Cobra and other venomous snakes.

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369. As An Application To Dissection Wounds, It Is Advised By

Mr. Stafford. It should be applied to the parts surrounding the wounds, and along the inflamed absorbents, if inflammation has supervened. It seemed, in some cases, to arrest the progress of the disease. It should be applied as early as possible, and not allowed to interfere with the constitutional and other treatment.

370. To Burns

Mr. Skey* directs in the case of infants or young children that the burnt surface, if not very extensive, be washed with a solution of the Nitrate (gr. v. - vj. ad Aq. fj.), and immediately afterwards enveloped in cotton wool. For adults, the strength may be gr. xij. - xv. to Aq. fj.). Should pain return, the solution may be advantageously resorted to at any early stage of treatment.

371. In Mercurial Palsy, The Nitrate Of Silver Has Been Successfully Employed By Dr

Sementini. He commences with 1/8 of a grain daily, and gradually increases the dose. By the time it reached gr. iij., the good effects were manifest, and in twenty days more, a cure was effected. Similar results followed its use in five cases.