2479. In Acute And In Chronic Diarrha, The Ergot Has Been Successfully Employed By Drs

Wright,|| Stout, and others. In one case mentioned by Dr. Wright, gr. v., thrice daily, effected a marked improvement, when dysenteric symptoms were coming on.

2480. In Ptosis and Paralysis of the Eyelids, an aqueous infusion as a collyrium, is advised by M. Carron; and a case is related, in which paralysis of the eyelids from partial Asphyxia following the respiration of charcoal fumes, was cured in eight days, by fomentations with an aqueous infusion of Ergot.¶ In abnormal Dilatation of the Pupil, from any cause, its local application is suggested by Dr. Comperat,** he having observed that the powder of the Ergot, used as snuff, has the power of removing the dilatation of the pupil produced by Belladonna. In a disturbed state of the accommodation power of the Eye, especially induced by overtaxing the organ on small objects with an insufficient amount of light, Prof. Willebrand found Ergot of especial advantage. He also found it of great use in several cases of Acute and Chronic Inflammation of the Eye, and especially in Blepharitis and Pustular Conjunctivitis of Children, the cure proving much more rapid and relapse much more rare than when local means alone are relied on. He prescribes gr. v. thrice daily, combining it with Magnesia, or when Chlorosis is present with Iron. The same authority found it very useful in Enlarged Spleen from Intermittent Fever, when large doses of Quinine had failed. It is especially indicated in cases of Relapsing Inter-mittents depending upon enlarged spleen. In Erysipelatous Affections, he found it of good service applied externally as a cataplasm.

2481. In Paralysis, the Ergot has been administered with advantage by Lallemand, Peterquin, &c. In Paraplegia, it produced great benefit, but was found quite impotent in Hemiplegia. The patient is advised to be kept on a nourishing diet.

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