2811. Diseases Of The Eye

Mr. Howard* places much confidence in Veratria as an external application in many diseases of the eye; particularly in those in which the ophthalmic branch of the fifth pair of nerves is either primarily or secondarily affected. The solution which he generally employs is composed as follows: -2811 Diseases Of The Eye 247 VeratriAe gr. x., Ether. Sulph. f 3ij., Sp. Vin. Rect. fj., M. This is brushed over the eyelids, eyebrows, and temples, till a slight burning sensation is produced in the parts; and it is repeated every morning. Great caution is necessary in its application, not to let any of it get on the conjunctiva, for such an accident will produce great pain and do no good. If the use of it be found to produce twitching of the muscles of the face, it should be discontinued. In Scrofulous Ophthalmia, applied as above, he states that it is one of the most valuable adjuncts to other remedies with which he is acquainted; that its immediate effects are to remove the morbid irritability, the intolerance of light, and the profuse lachrymation, and to aid the operation of other constitutional remedies. In Amaurosis, depending upon Paralysis of the Retina; in Ptosis, from Paralysis of the Levator Palpebr; and in Mydriasis, he strongly advises the solution, as above, conjoined with the use of electricity. In painful involuntary spasmodic Contraction of the Orbicularis Muscle, he believes that brushing the lids once a day with the solution of Veratria constitutes the most efficacious local application.