1Acidum Boricum. Boric Acid. (Boracic Acid.) Dose, 5 - 15 grs.; 3 -10 dgms.

H3BO3. Colourless, pearly lamellar crystals, odourless, unctuous to the touch, slightly bitter and acrid in taste. Soluble, 1 in 30 of cold, 1 in 3 of boiling water, 1 in 4 of glycerin, 1 in 30 of alcohol.

Incompatibles, carbonates, mercuric chloride (a basic chloride is formed) silver nitrate, lead acetate, barium chloride, calcium chloride, (borates formed) alum, zinc sulphate, and ferric chloride.

1glycerinum Acidi Borici

6; Glycerin by weight to 100, heated to 302° F.

2unguentum Acidi Borici

10; White Paraffin Ointment, 90.

Borax. Borax. (Sodium Biborate or Pyroborate.) Dose, 5-20 grs.; 3 - 12 dgms.

Na2B407, 10H2O. Colourless, transparent crystals, sometimes slightly effloresced, with a weakly alkaline reaction in solution. Soluble 1 in 25 of cold, 2 in 1 of boiling water; 1 in 1 of glycerin; insoluble in alcohol. Incompatibles, as an alkali, alkaloids and chloral; acacia and the metals mentioned above under boric acid.

1glycerinum Boracis

14.25; Glycerin, 85.5. (Contains some free acid.)

2mel Boracis

10.5; Glycerin, 5.25; Clarified Honey. 84.

Buchu Folia. Buchu Leaves. The dried leaves of Barosma Betulina. Rhomboid ovate, yellowish-green leaves, with a denticulate margin, almost glabrous surface, with many oil glands upon it; odour and taste strong and characteristic, especially when crushed.

1Infusum Buchu. 1 - 2 fl. oz.; 30 - 60 c.c. - 5; boiling Water, 100.

2Tinctura Buchu. Dose, 30 - 60 min.; 2 - 4 c.c. (Contains alcohol 60%.)

Butyl-chloral Hydras. Butyl-chloral. Dose, 5 - 20 grs.; 3 - 12 dgms. Trichlorbutylidine-glycol, CH3CHC1.CC12CH (OH)2. Pearly white laminar crystals, with a pungent odour and an acrid nauseous taste. Soluble 1 in 50 of water; 1 in 1 of glycerine; 1 in 1 of alcohol.

Incompatibles, water (decomposes if kept in aqueous solution for a long time), alkalies (freeing chloroform); if triturated with acetamide, carbolic acid, menthol and urethane it liquifies.