Ficus. Figs. The dried fleshy receptacles of Ficus Carica.

Filix Mas. Male Fern. The dried rhizome of Aspidium Filix-mas. 3-6 inches long, 3/4-1 inch in diameter, entirely covered with the hard, persistent, curved, angular, dark-brown bases of the petioles; brown externally, green internally: odour feeble but disagreeable; taste at first sweetish and astringent, but later bitter and nauseous.

1Extractum Filicis Liquidum. Dose, 45 - 90 min.; 3 - 6 c.c. An ethereal extract containing much oil from which the ether has been evaporated.

Foeniculi Fructus. Fennel Fruit. The dried ripe fruit of Fceni-culum capillaceum. Oblong, more or less curved, 1/5-2/5 inch long and 1/10 inch in diameter; odour aromatic; taste aromatic, agreeable, and sweet. Contains an oil.

Aqua Faeniculi. - 10; Water 100: by distillation.

Galbanum. Galbanum. Dose, 5 - 15 gr.; 3 - 10 dgms. A gum resin obtained from Ferula galbaniflua. In tears or masses of tears, which are rounded or irregular in form, larger or smaller in size than a pea, yellowish-brown in colour and often dirty, internally opaque and yellowish-white: hard and brittle if cold, becoming sticky and ductile if held in the hand: taste bitter and unpleasant, odour characteristic.

Pilula Galbani Composita. Dose, 4 - 8 grs.; 2 1/2 - 5 dgms. (In l or 2 pills). Asafetida, Galbanum and Myrrh, of each 28.5; Syrup of Glucose, q.s.

Galla. Galls. Excresences on Quercus infectoria resulting from the puncture and deposit of eggs by Cynips Gallę tinctoriae.

1unguentum Gallae

20; Benzoated Lard, 80.

2Unguentum Gallę cum Opio - 92.5; Opium, 7.5.

Gelatinum. Gelatin. The air-dried product of the action of boiling water on such animal products as skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Insoluble in alcohol and ether, soluble in acetic acid. A 2% solution in water should gelatinise on cooling.