Gelsemii Radix. Gelsemium Root. The dried rhizome and roots of Gelsemium nitidum. Nearly cylindrical pieces 6 inches or more in length. 1/4-3/4 inches in diameter, brown or dark violet -brown externally: taste bitter, odour slightly aromatic. Active principle gelseminine, an alkaloid.

1Tinctura Gelsemii. Dose, 5 - 15 min.; 0.3 - 1 c.c. - 10; Alcohol 100: by percolation.

Gentiansę Radix. Gentian Root. The dried rhizome and roots of Gentiana lutea. Cylindrical pieces, often longitudinally split, varying in length, but seldom more than an inch in thickness, yellowish-brown externally, reddish-yellow internally: rough from longitudinal wrinkles, and closely approximated, encircling leaf-scars: odour characteristic, taste at first slightly sweet, but afterwards bitter.

1Extractum Gencianae. Dose, 2 - 8 grs.; 1 - 5 dgms. An extract made with hot water and evaporated to the consistence of a soft extract.

1Infusum Gentianę Compositum. Dose, 1/2 - 1 fl. oz.; 15 - 30 c.c. - 1.25; Dried Bitter Orange Peel, 1.25; Fresh Lemon Peel, 2.5; boiling Water, 100.

1Tinctura Gentianę Composita. 30 - 60 min.; 2 - 4 c.c. - 10: Dried Bitter Orange Peel, 3.75; Cardamom Seeds, 1.25; Alcohol 45%, 100; by maceration.

Glucose (See Syrupus Glucosi, p. 89).

Glusidum. Gluside. (Saccharin.) Benzoyl sulphonimide, a light, white, crystalline powder, with an intensely sweet taste in dilute solutions.

Glusidum. Gluside. (Saccharin.) Benzoyl sulphonimide

Glycerinum. Glycerin. Dose, 1 - 2 fl. dr.; 4 - 8 c.c. C3H5(OH)3. Glycerol with a small percentage of water. A clear, colourless syrupy liquid, with a sweet taste; inodorous. Miscible with water and alcohol in all proportions, insoluble in ether, chloroform, and fixed oils. 1Suppositoria Glycerini. - 70; Gelatin, 14; Water, q.s.

Glycerina. (see Boron, Acidum Carbolicum, Acidum Tannicum, Alumen, Amylum, Pepsin, Plumbum, Tragacantha.)