Hamamelidis Cortex. Hamamelis Bark. (Witch Hazel Bark.) The dried bark of Hamamelis virginiana. Usually in curved pieces 28-inches long, 1/16 inch thick; outer surface silvery-grey if covered with the cork, but if freed from it nearly smooth and reddish-brown, the inner surface pale pink, with fine longitudinal striŠ: no marked odour; astringent taste.

Tinctura Hamamelidis. Dose, 30 - 60 min.; 2 - 4 c.c. - 10; Alcohol 45%, 100: by percolation.

Hamamelidis Folia. The leaves fresh and dried of Hamamelis virginiana. Broadly oval in outline, 3-6 inches long; upper surface dark-green to brownish, the lower paler in colour; no marked odour; an astringent, slightly bitter taste.

Extractum Hamamelidis Liquidum. Dose, 5 - 15 min.; 0.3 - 1 c.c. An alcohol extract.

Unguentum Hamamelidis

10; Hydrous Wool Fat, 90. Liquor Hamamelidis. An alcoholic solution made from the fresh leaves by maceration in alcohol and distillation.

Hemidesmi Radix. Hemidesmus Root. The dried root of Hemidesi mus Indicus. The root is long, nearly cylindrical, tortuous, and long-tudinally furrowed; about 1/4 inch thick; brownish in colour: odour fragrant; taste sweet.

Syrupus Hemidesmi. Dose, 30 - 60 min.; 2 - 4 c.c - 10; Sugar, 70; Water, 50.

Hirudo. Leeches. Sanguisuga medicinalis and S officinalis.

Horn atropinŠ Hydrobromidum. Hornatropine Hydrobro-mide. Dose, 1/80 - 1/20 gr.; 3/4 - 3 mgms.

A white crystalline powder or aggregation of crystals. Soluble 1 in 6 of water, 1 in 18 of alcohol.Incompatibles, as for alkaloids.

1Lamellae HomatropinŠ. Gelatin disks each containing 1/100 gr.