Picrotoxinum. Picrotoxin. Dose, 1/100 - 1/25 gr.; 1/2 - 2 1/2 mgms. Colourless, inodorous, crystals, with a bitter taste. Soluble 1 in 330 of water, 1 in 13 of alcohol.

Pilocarpina (see Jaborandi p. 69).

Pilulæ (The following with a dose of 1 - 2 grs. Phosphori; with a dose of 2 - 4 grs. Plumbi cum Opio, Saponis Comp.; with a dose of 2 - 8 grs., Quininæ Sulphatis; with a dose of 4 - 8 grs., Aloes Barbadensis, Aloes et Asafetida, Aloes et Ferri, Aloes et Myrrhæ, Aloes Socotrinæ, Cambogiæ Comp., Colocynthidis Comp., Colocynthidis et Hyoscyami, Galbani Comp., Hydrargyri, Hydrargyri Subchloridi Comp., Ipecacuanhæ cum Scilla, Rhei Comp., Scammonii Comp., Scillæ Comp.; with a dose of 5 - 15 grs. Ferri.)

Pimenta. Pimento. The dried full-grown fruit of Pimenta officinalis. Dark reddish-brown, nearly globular, two-celled, fruits, about 1/5 - 1/3 inches in diameter; odour and taste characteristic, somewhat like cloves.

Aqua Pimentæ. - 5; Water 200: distill off 100.

Oleum Pimentæ. Dose, 1/2 - 3 min.; 0.03 - 0.2 c.c. Yellowish or yellowish-red oil becoming darker on keeping; odour and taste of pimento.

Piper Nigrum. Black Pepper. The dried unripe fruit of Piper nigrum. Almost globular, one-celled fruits, about 1/5 of an inch in diameter; odour aromatic and taste pungent.

Confectio Piperis. Dose, 60 - 120 grs.; 4 - 8 gms. - 10; Caraway Fruit 15; Clarified Honey, 75.

Pix Burgundica. Burgundy Pitch. The resinous exudation obtained from the stem of Picea excelsa. Hard and brittle yet slowly flowing dull red or yellow-brown; odour aromatic, taste sweet and aromatic.

Emplastrum Picis

52; Frankincense, 26; Resin, 9; Yellow Beeswax, 9; Olive Oil, 4; Water, 4.

Pix Carbonis Preparata. Prepared Coal Tar.

Liquor Picis Carbonatis

20; Quillaia Bark, 10; Alcohol to 100: by percolation and digestion.

Pix Liquida. Tar. A bituminous liquid prepared from the wood of Pinus sylvestris and other species of Pinus, by destructive distillation. A dark brown or blackish semi-liquid substance, of a peculiar aromatic odour.

Soluble 1 in 10 of alcohol.

2unguentum Picis Liquidum

71.5; Yellow Beeswax, 28.5.