Incompatibles, triturated with strong oxidising agents, such as potassium permanganate or chlorate, an explosion is apt to occur.

1Sulphur Pręcipitatum. Precipitated Sulphur. (Milk of Sulphur.) Dose, 20 - 60 grs.; 1.2 - 4 gms.

A greyish-yellow soft powder, free from grittiness and from the smell of hydrogen sulphide.

2trochiscus Sulphuris

32.4; Acid Potassium Tartrate, 6.48; Sugar, 51.84; Gum Acacia, 6.48; Tincture of Orange, 5.9; Mucilage of Acacia, 5.9; 100 Trochisci, the quantities of the solids in grammes, those of the liquids in cubic centimetres; 5 gr. in each lozenge.

1Sulphur Sublimatum. Sublimed Sulphur. (Flowers of Sulphur.) Dose, 20 - 60 grs.; 1.2 - 4 gms. A bright greenish yellow slightly gritty powder, without taste or odour.

3Confectio Sulphuris. Dose, 60-120 grs.; 4 - 8 gms. - 40; Acid Potassium Tartrate, 10; Tragacanth, 0.4; Syrup, 20; Tincture of Orange, 5; Glycerin sufficient to produce 100 by weight.

2unguentum Sulphuris

10; Benzoated Lard, 90. 3Sulphuris Iodidum. Sulphur Iodide. A greyish-black, solid substance, with the odour of iodine.

3unguentum Sulphuris Iodidi

4; Glycerin, 4; Benzoated Lard, 92.

Sumbul Radix. Sumbul Root. The dried transverse slices of the root of Ferula Sumbul. Pieces varying much in size, covered on the outer surface with a brown, papery, wrinkled cork, often beset with short hairs; internally, spongy, dry, fibrous and yellowish-brown; odour strong and musk-like; taste bitter and aromatic.

Tinctura Sumbul. 30 - 60 min.; 2 - 4 c.c. - 10; Alcohol 70%, 100.

Suppositoria (see Acidum Carbolicum, Acidum Tannicum, Belladonna, Glycerinum, Iodoformum, Morphina, Plumbum.)

Syrupi. (Without stated dose Syrupus and Syrupus Glucosi; with a dose of 1/2 - 1 fl. dr. Aromaticus, Aurantii, Aurantii Floris, Calcii Lactophosphatis, Ferri Iodidi, Ferri Phosphatis, Ferri Phosphatis cum Quinina et Strychnina, Hemidesmi, Limonis, Pruni Virginianę, Rhaeados, Rosę, Tolutanus, Zingiberis; with dose, 1/2 - 2 fl. dr. Cascarę Aromaticus, Chloral, Codeinę, Rhei, Sennę.)

Tabellę Trinitrini. Trinitrin Tablets. Dose, 1-2 tablets. Tablets of chocolate weighing 5 grs. each containing 1/100 gr. of Nitroglycerine.

Tamarindus. Tamarinds. The fruits of Tamarindus indica, freed from the brittle outer part and preserved in sugar.