Drugs Acting On The Salivary Glands

Sialagogues, - increase flow of saliva.

Pilocarpus. Mercurials. Acids.

Also tobacco, ether, pungents, iodine, physostigmine, antimony, and ipecac.

Anti-Sialagogues, - decrease flow of saliva. Atropine. Opium. Alkalies.

Also belladonna, hyoscyamus, stramonium, tobacco in excess, and all nauseous or insipid stuffs.

Refrigerants, - allay thirst and create coolness.

Cool Drinks. Dilute Acids. Cold Externally.

Also fruit juices, many diaphoretics, and cold per rectum or vagina.

Drugs Acting On The Stomach

Emetics, - cause vomiting.

Stomach Tube. Warm Water. Apomorphine. Also mustard, soapsuds, or salt and warm water, tartar emetic, ipecac, zinc or copper sulphate, alum, infusion of camomile, and ammonium carbonate.

Anti-Emetics, - relieve nausea and vomiting. Quiet. Morphine. Cerium Oxalate.

Also bromides, chloral, cocaine, creosote, carbolic acid, iodine, lime water, ice, bismuth subnitrate, chloroform, hydrocyanic acid, ipecac (in small doses), and alcohol.

Carminatives, - aid in expulsion of gas from stomach and intestines.

Capsicum. Ginger. Peppermint.

Also asafoetida, camphor, cardamom, cinnamon, musk, cloves, Hoffman's anodyne, spirits of chloroform, dilute sulphuric acid, and pungent, spirituous, and aromatic stomachics.

Gastric Tonics or Stomachics, - excite the functional activity of the stomach, and thus increase appetite and aid digestion.

Nux Vomica. Dilute Acids. All Alkalies.

Also gentian, quassia, cinchona, calumba, hydrastis, eucalyptus, wild cherry, cascarilla, taraxacum, aloes, rhubarb, pepsin, pancreatin, and alcohol.

Gastric Sedatives, - relieve pain and quiet the stomach. Bromides. Silver Nitrate. Phenol and Iodine.

Drugs Acting On The Intestines

Cathartics or Purgatives, - hasten intestinal evacuation. (1) Laxatives or Aperients, - of moderate action. Manna. Cascara. Prunes.

Also figs, tamarinds, molasses, sulphur, magnesia, glycerin, olive oil, and water.

(2) Simple Purgatives, - produce active peristalsis (and griping pain).

Castor Oil. Senna. Aloes.

Also cascara, rhubarb, glycyrrhiza, liquorice, eupato-rium, and small doses of drastic, saline, and cholagogue purgatives.

(3) Drastic Purgatives, - intense action; watery stools; much pain.

Elaterium. Croton Oil. Compound Cathartic Pills.

Also aloes, colocynth, gamboge, jalap, podophyllum, and scammony.

(4) Saline Purgatives or Hydragogues, - slight pain; very watery evacuation.

Epsom Salt. Seidlitz Powder. Rochelle Salt.

Also sodium sulphate, magnesium citrate, sodium phosphate, cream of tartar, and saline waters.

(5) Cholagogue Purgatives, - remove bile from the intestines.

Calomel. Podophyllum. Sodium Phosphate.

Also blue mass, gray powder, iris, euonymus, fel bovis, and scammony.

(6) Intestinal Antiseptics, - destroy low organisms; check fermentation (antizymotics).

Salol. Naphthalene. Thymol.

Also beta naphthol, benzosol, silver nitrate, oil of turpentine.

Anthelmintics, - destroy (vermicides) or expel (vermifuges) intestinal worms.

(1) Tape-worm.

Filix Mas (B. P.). Cusso. Pepo,

Also turpentine, thymol, pelletierine, kamala, and gra-natum.

(2) Round worm.

Santonin. Spigelia. Senna.

(3) Thread-worm.

Quassia. Alum. Sodium Chloride.

Also tannin, calumba, lime water, and vinegar (by enema).

(4) Hook-worm.

1. Calomel. 2. Thymol. 3. Epsom Salts.