It is wonderful, a most astounding fact, that such a man as Samuel Thomson should have prescribed a hundred different remedies for disease (many of which had never before been used), and yet among them all is not a single deadly poison, nor even a dangerous article.

The only reason that can be given by reformers, called Eclectics, Homeopathists, Chromo-Thermalists, and some Physopathists, have never been able to separate poisons from medicines, while Dr. Thomson succeeded so completely, is that they adhere to the "fever disease" doctrine, and he rejected it.

I most conscientiously declare that, no matter what my disorder, I would rather be treated in strict accordance with the directions contained in Dr. Thomson's little "twenty-dollar" "Guide to Health," though some of them are quite objectionable, than by a council of one of the best practitioners from all the sects of medicine, who reject the great Thomsonian doctrine, and follow what is written in their books.

I do not deny that to him that is able to separate the true and good from the false and mischievous, the Eclectic, Homeopathic, Chromo-Thermal, and the Psychopathic books contain much valuable matter that is not in Thomson's work; but they also contain enough that is pernicious, to more than counterbalance all that value, to him who can not make the proper separations, but must take the doctrines and the treatment as he finds them.