This herb is a species of the thistle, and is cultivated in gardens. It is of one year's growth, the seed being sown in the spring, and it comes to maturity in the fall. The stalk has a number of branches, and a great quantity of leaves. The leaf is some larger than the Canada thistle, with prickles like it, and it bears seeds about the size of the barley corn, with a beard on the end, nearly as long as the seed. The leaves are used for medicine, which may be steeped in hot water, and drank like other herb tea, or they may be reduced to powder and taken in molasses or warm water, or in wine or spirits. It is an excellent corrector of the bile, and may be safely used for the purpose. The Cardis Benedictus, or beloved thistle, is cultivated in the same manner, and may be used for the same purpose.