The leaves of this plant, wilted by the fire and applied to an external injury, will allay the inflammation and ease pain, and they are good pounded and put on a bruise or sprain, as they will immediately give relief. The leaves are good applied to the feet in case of fever, to keep them moist and promote perspiration.

The root is a soothing demulcent tonic alterative. It slowly and steadily influences the skin, soothes the kidneys and relieves the lymphatics. It is of great importance in all skin diseases and in scrofulous afrec. The only genuine Mullein Oil is to be had from the Luyties' Homeopatic Pharmacy Co., St. Louis, Mo., U. S. A. While the reader might think it strange that a Homeopathic concern is recommended, it may be well to say that the firm that produces the genuine articles is the one to recommendations. It is very soothing to the mucous membrane throughout and is hence valuable in irritated conditions. Its soothing character is also extended to the serious membrane and is valuable in rheumatism and also in venereal diseases, especially if combirfed with more stimulating agents.

The seeds are somewhat more stimulating than the roots, and are oleaginous. The seeds should be ground in order to obtain their properties quickly. In hot infusion it influences the sebaceous glands, and is of superior importance in scarlatina, and other exanthemata, and also in typhoid fever.

Cold preparations influence the kidneys, increasing the flow of urine and relieving irritation of the urinary tract.

In skin diseases the seeds are to be preferred to the roots, although the roots will act in the same manner, only that it is not so active.

The dose of the tincture is from one-half to one drachm. It can be given in hot water and will then act the same as an infusion.