The meats of the Wild Cherry stones are very good, and may be used instead of the peach meats, when they cannot be had. Get the stones as clean as possible, and when well dried, pound them in a mortar, and separate the meats from the stones, which is done with little trouble; take the same quantity as is directed of the peach meats, and it will answer equally as well. A tea made of the cherries, pounded with the stones, and steeped in hot water, sweetened with loaf sugar, to which is added a little brandy, is good to restore the digestive powers and create an appetite. Bitter almonds may be used as a substitute for the peach meats or cherry stones, when they cannot be had. See No. 5.

American Valerian, or Lady Slipper. Cypripedium Pubescens. This is fully described as No. 7.