This plant may be found in many sections of this country. The root possesses actively astringent qualities. A decoction of this root has been used by injection with benefit in long standing venereal disease and fluor albus. The root boiled in milk is a good remedy in bowel complaints of children, more especially when the disease has continued several days, and the patient's tongue not dry, and there be absence of fever, (1)

The root is a pleasant, positive, tonic astringent. It is only moderately drying, but is persistent and effective. It is one of our most excellent astringent agents. Its chief influence is expended upon the alvine mucous membrane throughout. It is applicable in the treatment of sore mouth or gums, mercurial salivation, spongy gums, catarrhal ophthalmia, leucorrhoea, gleet, dysentery, diarrhoea.

It is a good local and constitutional styptic for hemorrhages from the nose, lungs, stomach, bowels, or uterus.

In typhoid fever in case of excessive discharges, whether faecal or sanious, this agent is one of the most valuable. The addition of a little Capsicum will at times be valuable.

Diluted with water, or combined with Comp. syr. rhei., this agent is one of the most valuable in the treatment of severe cases of cholera infantum. (2)

Geraniin is the alkoloid of this agent, but is not as much value as the tincture of Geranium.

Geranium Maculatum is one of the most valuable and yet the least known of American indigenous remedies. There are few remedies which possess a wider range of usefulness, and which are so devoid of harmful properties. In all forms of hemorrhage, whether internal or external, hemoptysis can usually be promptly arrested by drachm doses of the tincture, given hourly until the attack subsides. Relapse may be prevented by continuing the same dose at longer intervals for three or four days. Hematemesis may be effectually controled in the same manner after the whole array of styptics have failed. In hemorrhage from the kidneys and the intestinal canal, better results can be obtained from the administration of smaller doses, twenty drops four times a day, for an extended period. This is the only practical way of using it in chronic cases. Epistaxis may be speedily checked by plugging the nostrils with cotton dipped in a solution composed of one part of the tincture of Geranium and three parts of water, or by syringing the nasal passage with the same solutian. Hemorrhage resulting from the extraction of a tooth can invariably be promptly arrested by filling the socket with a piece of cotton saturated with the undiluted tincture of Geranium and applying firm pressure for a few minutes. Menorrhagia can be most effectually abated by the internal administration of Geranium combined with vaginal injections of the same remedy. In hemorrhage of the stomach, half to one drachm doses will often relieve after the physician has given all other remedies at his command. In severe bleeding of the nose there is no remedy that will equal it. Use a small syringe and drive the fluid preparation- clear or diluted, as the case demands - into the nasal cavity, or, if necessary, the tampon saturated with the extract may be used.

Where there is pain and distress from gastric ulcers, Geranium will relieve, and in many instances cure, the trouble. In cases of pulmonary hemorrhages it is a remedy, in doses of a drachm; after its action has been brought out, it may be given in doses of ten to fifteen drops, three or four times a day, to guard against the hemorrhages returning.

It is a remedy in menorrhagin. Here it is giving good results in combination with Viburnum Opulus. In a solution of five or ten per cent., used as an injection, it will cure acute dysentery. In consumption, it will modify the night-sweats and cough, and control the diarrhoea that is often annoying and always weakening to the patient. In postpartum hemorrhage it is valuable.

In the treatment of chronic bronchitis, by its action in condensing the relaxed bronchial membrane, we check the cough and profuse expectoration, and thereby strengthen the patient.

In the bad stomach of hard drinkers we find an admirable place for Geranium. Relaxation of the ulva is relieved by the application of the strong preparation. Chronic gonorrhoea and gleet are cured by the local use of a ten to twenty-five per cent, solution. It is valuable in the treatment of sore mouth, either mercurial or other. Use diluted as a wash. In the treatment of leuchorrhoea, where there is a relaxed and atonic condition, make a tampon of surgical wool, and after saturating with the strong extract, push up against the uterus. In uterine catarrh and relaxed conditions it is a good remedy. In prolapsus of the bowels, wet the protruding parts with the strong non-alcoholic fluid and inject twenty-five per cent, solution into the bowels three or four times a week. The same treatment will cure many cases of recent hemorrhoids. It is very good for nasal polypus by injecting them with the tincture. The polypoid growth will degenerate and drop out after a few days.

I have taken many uterine cases, such as bleeding from the bladder, bleeding from the uterus, etc., that the very best physicians and surgeons in the country had treated, and cured them after they had failed with their treatment. A young lady came to me who had been bleeding steadily from the uterus for six months. The loss of blood was as great during all that time as it was during the regular monthly period. She was forced to wear bandages at all times and could do no work. She had had three operations before she came to me, the surgeons claiming that it was Polypus of the uterus, but with no results. I put her on Geranium, four times a day and gave treatments with the same, to the womb every second day. She was cured within a few weeks. I am frank to say that I believe that there is no remedy in the whole Materia Medica that is of equal value to Geranium.

If Dr. Thomson made use of this remedy, I do not know of it nor am I able to find anything concerning it in any of his works. Dr. Comfort did use it, but it is doubtful that he knew its real value as he says but very little about it.