In regard to the quantity to be given as a dose, it is a matter of less consequence than is generally imagined. The most important thing is to give enough to produce the desired effect. If too little is given, it will worry the patient, and do little good; if more is given than what is necessary, the surplus will be thrown off, and is a waste of medicine. I have given directions what I consider as a proper dose in common cases of the different preparations, but still it must be left to the judgment of those who use it how much to give. The most safe way will be to give the smallest prescribed dose first, then repeat it till it produces the wished-for operation. In cases where the stomach is cold and very foul, its operation will be slow and uncertain; in which case give No. 2, which will assist it in doing its work.

When this medicine is given to patients that are in a decline, or are laboring under a disease of long standing, the symptoms indicating a crisis will not take place till they have been carried through from three to eight courses of medicine; and the lower they have been the more alarming will be the symptoms. I have seen some who would lie and sob like a child who had been punished, for two hours, not able to speak or to raise their hands to their head; and the next day be about, and soon get well. In cases where they have taken considerable opium, and this medicine is administered, it will, in its operation, produce the same appearances and symptoms that are produced by opium when first given, which, having laid dormant, is roused into action by the enlivening qualities of this medicine, and they will be thrown into a senseless state; the whole system will be one complete mass of confusion, tumbling in every direction; will take two or three to hold them in bed; they grow cold as though dying, remaining in this way from two to eight hours, and then awake, like one from sleep after a good night's rest, be entirely calm and sensible, as though nothing had ailed them. It is seldom they ever have more than one of these turns, as it is the last struggle of the disease, and they generally begin to recover from that time. I have been more particular in describing these effects of the medicine, as they are very alarming to those unacquainted with them, in order to show that there is no danger to be apprehended, as it is certain evidence of a favorable turn of the disease.

The Emetic Herb is of great value in preventing disease as well as curing it. By taking a dose when first attacked by any complaint it will throw it off, and frequently prevent long sickness. It not only acts as an emetic, and throws off the stomach everything that nature does not require for support of the system, but extends its effects to every part of the body. It is searching, enlivening, quickening, and has a great power in removing all obstructions; but it soon exhausts itself, and if not followed by some other medicine to hold the vital heat till nature is able to support itself by digesting the food, it will not be sufficient to remove a disease that has become seated. To effect this important object put me to much trouble, and after trying many experiments to get something that would answer the purpose, I found that what is described under No. 2 was the best and only medicine that would hold the heat in the stomach and not evaporate; and by giving the Capsicum to remove the canker, which is the great cause of disease, and then followed with Nos. 4 and 5 to correct the bile, restore the digestion, and strengthen the system. I have had little trouble in effecting a cure. The dose of the standard Fluid Extract or Tincture of Lobelia is from 1 to 5 minims. Can be repeated every ten minutes until effects.