This herb may be found common on pine plains in hedges; it grows about two or three feet high, has long, narrow leaf, very smooth and glossy, and a large cluster of yellow blossoms; it has a sweet, spicy taste and smell, resembling fennel or ainse. There is an oil obtained from this herb good for medicine, and also prepared in essence is good for pain in the head, to be taken, or the outside bathed with it.

The leaves and flowers are a stimulating and slightly astringent tonic antiseptic to the mucous membrane. It is a sanative germicide, and is valuable in the presence of putrescence, as in diphtheria, scarlatina, tonsilitis, pharyngitis or laryngitis. It may be boiled down and made into confection or troche with sugar, suitable for sore throat of all kinds for children and adults.

In catarrh, and especially in lagrippe, Solidago is very valuable. It cures quickly and completely. It may be used alone in hot infusion, or in combination with other suitable agents.

In typhoid fever it stimulates and cleanses the alvine mucous membrane very successfully.

In phthisis pulmonalis and bronchial catarrh it is of much value, especially when added to other agents influencing the respiratory organs. Dose of the tincture is from 30 to 60 minims. Can be given in hot or cold water as indicated.