This plant, sometimes spoken of as the American Velvet-leaf, grows abundantly throughout the country, and its leaves can be easily dried and preserved. They will be found most serviceable in many conditions. Made into a hot poultice they may be applied wherever absorption is desired, as in dropsy of the joints, deep-seated chronic abscesses and persistent swellings. For sciatica, spinal tenderness and inflammatory rheumatism tincture of Mullein may be used as a liniment along with tincture of Black Cohosh and Lobelia.

A syrup of Mullein is excellent for irritable coughs. The infusion may be made by pouring a pint of boiling water on the dried and well broken leaves, which swell greatly. A poultice of Mullein leaves, Lobelia and Black Cohosh will give great relief in Neuralgia of the face.

Mullein Oil has a soothing influence over the nervous system, in some cases acting as a soporific. It corrects the acidity of the urine common to many diseases, and has an influence over the urinary apparatus, but does not act actively as a diuretic. One drop of the oil in water, four times daily, will permanently cure most cases of nocturnal incontinence of urine, and those cases also where there is a constant dribbling. Inflammation in the testicles, the oil has been applied with admirable results. In all enlarged glands with inflammation, it soothes and promotes resolution without suppuration. It has been used internally in the treatment of phthisis pulmonalis with the very best results and is useful in the treatment of glandular swellings, hepatization or thickening of lung tissue, asthma, hay-fever, coughs, pleuritis and in all forms of dropsy.

A specific effect is that this remedy quickly corrects the diarrhoea which accompanies phthisis pulmonalis. It relieves the severe cough in many cases, and has improved the nutrition and caused the patient to gain in weight.

In many cases of bronchitis, cystitis, diarrhoea and dysentery, and in hemorrhoids, it gives the best of results. In the treatment of the ear, it is the remedy. In deafness from hypersecretion, in deafness that gradually creeps on without any apparent cause, in earache, and in abscess, it is successful.

In the treatment of the ear, the physician should be very careful and not make the mistake of using Ver-bascum, the tincture of the Mullein Plant, for Mullein Oil. The oil to be used in these cases is extracted from the freshly gathered Mullein blossoms by sun distillation.

The dose of the tincture of Mullein leaves for internal medication is from 60 to 120 minims.