Take one gallon of good fourth-proof brandy, or any kind of high wines, one pound of gum myrrh, pounded fine, one ounce of No. 2, and put them into a stone jug, and boil it a few minutes in a kettle of water, leaving the jug unstopped. When settled, bottle it up for use. It may be prepared without boiling, by letting it stand in the jug five or six days, shaking it well every day, when it will be fit for use.

These drops are to remove pain and prevent mortification, to be taken, or applied externally, or to be put in the injections. One or two teaspoonfuls of these drops may be given alone, or the same quantity may be put into a dose of either of the medicines before mentioned, and may be also used to bathe with in all cases of external swellings or pains. It is an excellent remedy for rheumatism, by taking a dose and bathing the parts affected with it. In the headache, by taking a swallow, and bathing the head, and snuffing a little up the nose, it will remove the pain. It is good for bruises, sprains, swelled joints, and old sores, as it will allay the inflammation, bring down swellings, ease pain, and produce a tendency to heal; in fact, there is hardly a complaint in which this usefui medicine cannot be used to advantage. It is the best preservative against mortification of anything that has ever been found.

For bathing, in rheumatism, itch, or other humors, or in any swelling or external pain, add one quarter part of spirits of turpentine, and for sprains and bruises a little gum camphor may be added.