Take two pounds of the bayberry root bark, one pound of the inner bark of hemlock, one pound of ginger, two ounces of Capsicum, two ounces of cloves, all pounded fine, sifted through a fine sieve, and well mixed together. For a dose, take a teaspoonful of this powder, with an equal quantity of sugar, and put to it half a teacupful of boiling water; to be taken as soon as sufficiently cool, the patient being in bed, or by the fire, covered with a blanket.

This composition is calculated for the first stages, and in less violent attacks of disease. It is a medicine of much value, and may be safely used in all complaints of male or female, and for children. It is good for relax, dysentery, pain in the stomach and bowels, and to remove all obstructions caused by cold or loss of inward heat. By taking a dose on going to bed, and putting a hot stone to the feet, wrapped in wet cloths, it will cure a bad cold, and will generally throw off a disease in its first stages, if repeated two or three times. If the symptoms are violent, with much pain, add to each dose a teaspoonful of No. 6, and half a teaspoonful of No. I, and in nervous symptoms add half a teaspoonful of nerve powder, at the same time giving an injection of the same. If these should not answer the purpose, the patient must be carried through a regular course of the medicine, as has been before described.