The meats that are in the peach stones have long been used as medicine, and need but little to be said about them, except that they are of great value to strengthen the stomach and bowels, and restore the digestion; for which purpose I have made much use of them, and always to good advantage. Made into a cordial, with other articles, in the manner as directed under No. 5, it forms one of the best remedies I know of to recover the natural tone of the stomach after long sickness. A tea may be made of the leaves and bark of the peach tree and answers almost the same purpose as the peach meats.

Caution. - Do not allow the infusion to stand over eight hours, as by fermentation prussic acid will be formed and cause poisoning. It should be made fresh every time it is used. The tincture, syrup or fluid extract can be kept any length of time.

The dose of the Tincture is from 30 to 60 minims.