The herb is an aromatic, stimulating, and relaxing diaphoretic. It is warming to the stomach and sustaining to the capillary circulation. In hot infusion it is a popular agent for the breaking up of colds, and for the relief of the menstral flow when influenced by congestion. While a diaphoretic, it is no less an antispasmodic nervine and will be found valuable in dysmenorrhoea in nervous ladies, and is of good service in hysteria.

In hot infusion it will be found valuable in eruptive diseases, and may be given freely when the eruption is slow in making its appearance.

In hot infusion it gives good results in the colic, flatulence, restlessness, peevishness, general nervousness and feverishness of children. Locally applied a hot fomentation or the local application of steam from an infusion of this agent is very good to relieve local congestions, whether of the head, lungs, stomach, uterus, bladder or kidneys.

The Tincture of Pennyroyal can be used for the same purpose as the infusion. It should be given in hot water. Dose is from 30 to 60 drops.