This is frequently known as butterfly weed, or white root, and is that species of milk-weed of a shrubbery growth bearing orange-colored flowers. It is a valuable medicinal agent, best administered as an infusion of half an ounce to a pint of hot water; dose, one-fourth of a teacupful. It is the most effective of safe sweating agents, and in feverishness may be used abundantly until a free perspiration is secured. In high fevers, where quick action is desired, the ordinary dose may be given every half hour or even oftener, or if there is great restlessness, lady slipper may be added. In feverishness from recent colds, a little ginger should be combined with it. For colic in children pleurisy root and wild yam make an effective tea with a little ginger. For peritonitis, pleurisy root, combined with a small portion of lobelia, will be found invaluable.

I would hardly know how to get along in my practice without this most valuable remedy and I have never lost a single case of pleurisy or pneumonia with the use of this remedy in combination with Boneset In this class of fevers it is my opinion that there is nothing to equal it in any way. Dose of the tincture is from 15 to 30 drops. It should always be given in hot water.