This is an excellent article, and I believe was never made use of as medicine till discovered by me. When in Eastport, I had no article with me good for canker, and I resorted to my old rule of tasting, and found that these leaves were good for that complaint; made into a strong tea, it answered every purpose wished. I gathered a large quantity of the leaves, and dried them, and have been in constant use of it as a medicine ever since, and have found it an excellent article, both for canker and many other complaints, for relax and other bowel complaints of children, it is the best thing that I have found; by giving the tea and using it in the injections, it affords immediate relief. A tea made of the leaves, sweetened, with milk in it, is very pleasant, and may be used freely. It is the best thing for women in travail of any article I know of. Give a strong tea of it, with a little of No. 2, sweetened, and it will regulate everything as Nature requires. If the pains are untimely, it will make all quiet; if timely and lingering, give more No. 2 and Umbil in the tea. When the child is born, give it some of the tea with sugar and milk in it; this prevents sore mouth, and the tea is good to wash sore nipples with. A poultice made with this tea and cracker, or slippery-elm bark, is very good for burns or scalds; if the skin is off, by applying this poutlice or washing with the tea, it will harden and stop smarting. It may be used in No. 3 as a substitute for other articles, or alone, to good effect.

The leaves are a mild, pleasant, soothing, diffusive, stimualting, astringent tonic. It allays nausea, sustains the nerves, and tones the mucous membranes. It is effective in acute and chronic dysentery and diarrhoea although not as pronounced as some of the other remedies given. It will do good service in urethral irritation and soothe the kidneys and urinary tract and ducts. It will also sustain the uterus and stop hemorrhages. As an injection in leucorrhoea, gonorrhoea, dysentery and diarrhoea it is of much use as an injection. The dose of the Tincture is from 20 to 40 minims.