16. In all cases of a burn, scald, or being frozen, wrap up the parts in cloths wet with cold water, often wetting them with the same to prevent their becoming dry, and be careful to give hot medicine, such as Capsicum, or the composition powders, to keep up the inward heat. Pursue this plan for twelve hours, and then, if the skin is off, apply the poultice or salve. If there should be convulsions or fever, a regular course of the medicine must, without fail, be given.

17. When a scald is over the whole or greater part of the body, apply cotton cloth of several thicknesses to the whole body, wet with the tea of raspberry leaves, thoroughly wetting it with the same to prevent it from becoming dry, and giving the Capsicum in one grain doses every half-hour. When the scald is under the stocking, or any other tight garment, let it remain on, adding more cotton cloths, and wet the whole with cold water as often as the smart of the burn returns.

18. If the skin is off, or in case of an old burn, to guard against canker, apply a poultice of cracker dust and slippery-elm bark, made with a tea of raspberry leaves, washing it with soap suds when the poultice is changed, and then with the same tea. When any part is frozen, the same methods must be taken as for a burn.

19. For a fresh wound, cut, or bruise, wash immediately with cold water, and bind up in cloths wet with the same; keep a hot water bottle or hot iron at the feet, and take Capsicum to raise a gentle perspiration; continue this till the inflammation is allayed, and the wound perfectly cleansed, then apply the poultice or salve, till healed. The air must be kept from all wounds or sores, as it will cause pain, and prevent them from healing.

20. In sudden and deadly attacks, such as spotted or yellow fevers, fits, drowned persons, croup, etc., the heat and activity of the patient are so much diminished that the common administration will not give relief; the determining power to the surface being so small, through the loss of internal heat, that it will not give the medicine operation, as its effects are resisted and counterbalanced by the pressure of the external air. To counteract this pressure, keep the room, by aid of a good fire, about as warm as a summer heat; and more fully to rarify and lighten the air, and aid the operation of the medicine, make a free use of the steam bath, and keep the patient shielded by a blanket; at the same time give occasionally Lobelia and Capsicum, being Nos. 1 and 2. This course should be unremittingly persevered in till the patient is relieved.

21. If the glands are dry, so that there is no moisture in the mouth, or if the patient is much pressed for breath, give a strong tea of No. 2, or two grains of the Capsicum and repeat every one-half hour until the mouth becomes moist. No. 3 should not be used while the mouth is dry; if any is used, add a large portion of No. 2.

22. Be careful not to have the outward heat too high, by too many clothes or fire, for if this is the case, it will cause a balance of the outward and inward heat, and will prevent the medicine from operating by stopping the circulation, and the patient will be very much distressed. When this happens, throw cold vinegar on the face and stomach, and give more Capsicum, which will let down the outward heat and raise the inward.

23. If the patient is restless, wet the head and body with cold vinegar, and if there are convulsions or spasms, give the nerve medicine with the Capsicum. Injections must be also used.

24. Never make use of physic in cases where there is Canker internally, for it will draw the determining powers inward and increase the disease. I have seen so many bad effects from giving physics, that I disapprove the use of them and within the last two years of my practice I have not used them. A hot water injection is all that is necessary.

25. Avoid all minerals used as medicine, such as mercury, arsenic, antimony, calomel, preparations of copper or lead, and also morphia and opium. They are all poisons, and deadly enemies to life.

26. Beware of bleeding and blistering, as they can never do any good, and may be productive of much harm, they are contrary to nature, and strengthen the power of the enemy to health. Remove all causes by natural means and the effects will surely leave of themselves.

27. Do not make use of Saltpetre in any way whatever; it is the greatest cold of anything that can be taken into the stomach, and was never intended for any other purpose than to destroy life. It is a very bad practice to put it on meat, for it destroys all the juices, which are the nourishing part, and leaves the flesh hard and difficult to digest.

28. Keep your patients from meats of all kinds. Pork is a combination of Cancer and Scrofula, was never intended to eat. Meat is not necessary as a food. Put your patients on Sweet Oil, Olive Oil, Nuts and fresh Butter and note the wonderful results. Make your patient live natural.

29. Be careful to instruct them about drinking cold water in very hot weather, as it will tend to let down the inward heat so suddenly as to give full power to the cold. If this should happen, its fatal effects may be prevented by giving the hot medicine, Capsicum, to raise the inward heat above the outward. Be careful also not to cool suddenly after being very warm in consequence of uncommon exercise. A doctor should be a teacher. Instruct your patients in the right way of living.

30. Remember that regularity in diet is very important to preserve health, and that if more food is taken into the stomach than is well digested, it clogs the system and causes disease. Therefore be cautious not to eat too much at a time, and have your food well cooked. This is very important to those who have weakly constitutions.

31. Ardent Spirit is slow poison; it is taken to stimulate, but this effect is soon over, and much use of it destroys the tone of the stomach, injures the digestive powers, and causes disease. It is therefore much better, when the feeling requires anything of the kind, to make use of stimulating medicine, such as Nos. 2 and 6, for these will answer a far better purpose.

32. In that very common trouble known as Anaemia, it has been the habit of physicians to prescribe all kinds of meats or animal preparations. Let these things severely alone in your practice. Prescribe Nuts of all kinds instead of meats, also butter, eggs, cream, etc., and instead of Cod Liver Oil, which the stomach cannot digest or assimilate, and other animal preparations, give Olive Oil, the French is best, three times a day. It is best to give it in tablespoonful doses before meals. With the odorless and tasteless preparations of this valuable medicine now to be had, anyone can take it and the most delicate stomach can retain it.

33. Keep your patients from using black pepper, vinegar, etc. Instead of using black pepper, get them to use a slight amount of Cayenne, and instead of vinegar, get them to use lemon juice. Not the lemon extracts, but the pure juice, pressed out of the lemon as it is needed. Ferments are of no value and do a great deal of harm.