1. Be careful to always keep the determining powers to the surface, by keeping the inward heat above the outward, or the fountain above the stream, and all will be safe.

2. It must be recollected that heat is life, and cold death; or, in other words, cold is disease; that fever is a friend and cold the enemy; it is therefore necessary to aid the friend and oppose the enemy in order to restore health.

3. That the construction and organization of the human frame is in all men essentially the same, being formed of the four elements. Earth and water constitute the solids of the body, which is made active by fire and air. Heat, in a peculiar manner, gives life and motion to the whole, and when entirely overpowered from whatever cause by the other elements, death ensues. Heat is possibly, actually speaking, not life itself, but the first manifestation of life. Cold of death.

4. A perfect state of health arises from a due balance of temperature of the elements, and when it is by any means destroyed, the body is more or less disordered. When this is the case, there is always a diminution of heat, or an increase of the power of cold, which is its opposite.

5. All disorders are caused by obstructed perspiration, which may be produced by a great variety of means; that medicine, therefore, must be administered that is best calculated to remove obstructions and promote perspiration.

6. The food taken into the stomach, and being well digested, nourishes the system and keeps up that heat on which life depends; but by constantly taking food into the stomach, which is sometimes not suitable for nourishment, it becomes foul, so that the food is not well digested; this causes the body to lose its heat, and disease follows.

7. Canker is caused by cold, and there is always more or less of it in all cases of disease; continue to make use of such remedies as are calculated to remove it as long as there is any appearance of the disorder.

8. When the disease is removed, make free use of those remedies that are good to restore the digestive powers, such as bitters, not forgetting to keep up the inward heat by giving occasionally some good and natural stimulant such as Capsicum in one grain doses.

9. Keep always in mind that "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure;" and give medicine on the first appearance of disorder, before it becomes seated, for it may be then easily thrown off, and much and dangerous sickness prevented.

10. In cases of fever increase the internal heat by giving hot medicines, such as Capsicum, so as to overpower the cold, when the natural heat will return inwardly, and the cold will pervade the whole surface of the body, as the heat had done before; this is what is called the turn of the fever.

11. If No. 1 - Lobelia - should sicken and not puke, there may be two causes for it, i. e., the coldness or acidity of the stomach; for the first, give Capsicum more freely, and for the latter dissolve a piece of Pearlash in a wine glass of water, and let the patient take it, which will counteract the acidity. If this fails, make use of the steam bath, which will open the pores, extract the cold, and set the medicine in operation.

By experience, I have found that it is always best to give a few grains of No. 2, which is Capsicum, with the No. I, or Lobelia, as it acts much better and it keeps up the strength of the patient while the Lobelia is relaxing the system and doing its work.

12. In giving medicine to children, give about one-half, a little more or less according to their age, of the quantity directed for a grown person. Be particular to offer them drink often, especially young children who cannot ask for it.

Not so long ago, I had a patient, a baby weighing but six pounds, who had Pneumonia in its worst form. I gave it one grain of Capsicum every hour and a grain of Pleurisy root between the doses of Capsicum. The patient recovered from the Pneumonia although regulars had said that it could not live.

13. Dysentery is caused by Canker on the bowels, for which make free use of the tea of No. 3, with No. 2, and give the same by injection in the first of the disease, and afterwards give the syrup, No. 5, to strengthen the stomach and bowels, and restore the digestive powers.

14. The piles is Canker below the reach of medicine given in the usual way, and must be cured by using a wash of No. 3, made strong, and by giving injections of the same with No. 2. What is called bearing down pains in women is from the same cause and must be relieved by injections made of witch-hazel or red raspberry leaf tea, steeped strong, with No. 2 strained. If this does not give relief, go through a regular course of medicine.

Special Note. - I, at the present time, do no longer use the teas or infusions, but depend entirely on Tinctures and fluid extracts of the different Physio-Medical or Thomsonian remedies. These can be had from nearly all our wholesale dealers. I use these tinctures, in many cases, in the coated tablet form. When I use the Tinctures or Fluid Extracts, I always give them in hot water and the action is uniform, handy, up-to-date, and they act exactly as would the infusion or tea. In the Materia Medica, I will give the dose of each remedy used so that the modern Thomsonian physician can be as up-to-date as those known as the "regulars" and still follow the only scientific system of medication. These Tinctures or Fluid Extracts can be mixed to form Nos. I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc., and can always be carried in the medicine case ready for immediate use.

15. Women in a state of pregnancy ought to be carried through a regular course of the medicine, especially when near the time of delivery. When in travail give raspberry leaf tea, with a teaspoonful of the composition powders, or No. 2, and keep them in a perspiration. After delivery keep up the internal heat by giving the composition powder, or No. 2. This will prevent cold and after pains; if there should be symptoms of fever, carry them through a regular course of the medicine, which will guard against all alarming complaints peculiar in such cases.