Remember it is impossible to perform a surgical operation of any magnitude without producing several injurious effects, each one of which argues against operations as a means of cure.

1. The amount of vitality destroyed by the fear and dread of passing through an operation with the operation combined often puts cases beyond hope that could easily have been cured if the right treatment had been given.

2. To cut into the deep tissues of the body makes a severe wound in addition to the present existing trouble. The amount of vitality required to heal such a wound draws heavily on the vital force of the patient already overtaxed.

3. The anaesthetic usually administered under such circumstances still further reduces the vital force of the patient.

4. The pain and sickness caused by the operation has a similar effect.

Any one of these detrimental influences are often sufficient to cause the death of a very weak patient. So, if all together are allowed to have their full effect and the result proves fatal, it should not be thought strange.