After much research and experimenting we have produced the greatest apparatus for the healing and curing of the sick extant, Why do we say the greatest? 1st. Because we are able to give to the sick and ailing: Pure, mild, natural magnetism, which is Life itself. We could not live two minutes without magnetism, which in reality is Vitality or Life. 2nd. Because we are able to decompose water and extract its eight-ninths parts oxygen and by our newly discovered force drive or send it into your circulation which builds up any weakness by increasing red blood corpuscles by the thousands, and 3rd. Because we can give you Ozone, that component part of Oxygen which is only obtained when Oxygen is set free from the water. Ozone cannot be manufactured or in any way be produced by chemistry, so beware of charlatans who put up a fluid called Ozone or by any other name. Ozone is the only true Germ destroyer in existence. The Imperial Board of Health of Berlin, which is composed of the greatest living Scientists, reports that when Cholera Microbe germs were put in an atmosphere of Ozone they lived only three (3) minutes. Typhoid Germs lived but five (5) minutes. Bacteria, causing Diphtheria, lived but three (3) minutes and Consumptive Germs but five (5) minutes. By our force we can decompose water into pure, absolute atmospheric Ozone and send it directly to the diseased part.

By this same force, we can transfuse any medicine into any part of the body. Experiments already made prove that in the case of Cancer and Tumors it works absolute cures. How much better is it in treating any organ of the body, to place medicine on an electrode and transfuse it into an organ in its pure state than to keep on swallowing bottle after bottle of drugs and medicines and which does no good ? Medicine swallowed into the stomach no more affects the organ it is intended for than it does your feet. Why ? Because by the time medicine is mixed with the Gastric juice in the stomach, bile from the liver and pancreatic juice from pancreas and then the intestinal juices, in which place medicine is taken into blood, it is no more like it was when it entered the mouth than day is like night. This is Logic and admitted by our best Scientists.

We can, at one and the same time, give the patient the three principals of Life, viz: Magnetism, Ozone and Electricity. No other invention in the world does this. Remember, the Magnetism is of the refined and pure kind. Identical with Human Magnetism.

The Magnetic Oxygen-Ozone Producer


The Greatest Discovery of the Age. The Magnetic Oxygen-Ozone Producer

Invented And Perfected (patent Applied For.)

By Drs. ClymeR & Woodhouse.

The Magnetic Oxygen Ozone Producer

Direct Medication in all Diseases now an absolute fact. A new and Scientific School of Medicine now a possibility.

Under date of August 1, 1906, the Allentown Daily City Item had the following Editorial: