I shall make mention only of the most important articles used in the Thomsonian or Physio Medical practice and give only such as are non-poisonous. The article will be described in the Thomsonian terms but I shall also give the dose of the Tincture so that instead of making an infusion, the physician can buy the Tincture and will then have the remedy in uniform strength. In order to have a tincture to act as would an infusion, it is only necessary to give it in hot water and as often as the infusion would be given. Such preparations as Thomson's No. 5 are best made directly from the roots and barks. So is also the No. 6. The others can be prepared by mixing the tinctures of the given roots and barks and are then always ready for use. Capsicum and Lobelia I never use in the infusion of tea. I get the tablets made from the tinctures or fluid extracts. These I have found to give entire satisfaction, when coated, they are easy to take and they have never failed to give me satisfaction. They do their work and, in this form, are easy to carry. The Physio Medicalist must be up-to-date and he can only be so by using these tried remedies in the most approved form.