This is well known from the beautiful flower which it bears, opening only to the sun, and closing again at night. It grows in fresh-water ponds, and is common in all parts of this country where I have been. The best time to gather it is in the fall of the year, when dry, and the water ponds low, as it may then be obtained with little difficulty. It has large roots, which should be dug, washed clean, split into strips, and dried, as has been directed for the others. When perfectly dry, it should be pounded in a mortar, and preserved for use. This article is a very good medicine for canker, and all complaints of the bowels, given in a tea alone, or mixed with other medicine.

Locally for leucorrhoea it has few superiors, as also for prolapsus uteri, ulceration of the cervix, relaxed vagina.

It also forms a good wash for sore mouth and for scrofulous sores, and also as a wash for purulent ophthalmia.

Dose of Tincture is from one-half to one drachm.