"The Doctor Clymer Medical Institute, at 205 "North Sixth Street, has been equipped with the finest "electro-medical machine ever made, pronounced by "all who have seen it as the greatest discovery of the "age. It is called the magnetic oxygen-ozone producer, invented and perfected by Drs. Clymer and "Woodhouse. It is a large cabinet, 10 to 12 feet long, "divided into three parts. By means of this appliance "they are able to give to the sick and ailing pure, "mild, natural magnetism, which is life itself. They "are able to decompose water and extract its eight-"ninths parts oxygen and by the newly-discovered "force drive or send it into circulation, which builds "up any weakness by increasing red blood corpuscles "by the thousands. They can give ozone, that com-"ponent part of oxygen which is only obtained when "oxygen is set free from the water. Ozone is the only "true germ destroyer in existence. The Imperial Board "of Health of Berlin, which is composed of the greatest "living scientists, reports that when cholera microbe "germs were put in an atmosphere of ozone they lived "only three minutes, typhoid germs but five minutes. "Bacteria, causing diphtheria, lived but three minutes "and consumptive germs but five minutes.

"By this same force they can transfuse any medicine "into any part of the body. Experiments already "made prove that in the case of cancer and tumors it "works absolute cures. It is much better in treating "any organ of the body, to place medicine on an elec-"trode and transfuse it into an organ in its pure state "than to keep on swallowing bottle after bottle of "drugs and medicines.

"In a nutshell, they have invented and constructed "three expensive apparatuses, viz: the magnetic "oxygen-ozone producer, the galvanic-electric ap"paratus, and the pure, natural, refined magnetic ap"paratus and by an ingenious switchboard can com"bine the three currents into one and the patient re"ceives magnetism, oxygen and ozone at one and the "same time, which are the three positive principles of "life.

"By this treatment a great many people have been "immeasurably relieved who suffer from cancer, "tumors, nervous, chronic and the so-called incurable "diseases. A number of rheumatic patients have also "been cured.

"Mr. Holliday, the inspector at the public building, "whose rheumatism has been practically cured by this "treatment, is helping Dr. Clymer to secure a patent "on the appliance."

All Tincture and Fluid Extracts can be used with this invention for the direct treatment of all diseases, but we only recommend the pure Physio-Medical medicines.

The Physio-Medical physician can treat his patients either via the stomach or directly, so long as he uses simple, non-poisonous remedies. In our institution we use the new invention for direct treatment. The Static, Galvanic, Faradic Interrupted, Sinisuoidal and High-Frequency Currents in Electricity; X-Ray, Dr. Minen Ultra Violet Ray Apparatus; Vibrating Massage Apparatus; Large Body Diasolenic (High Frequency) Apparatus; Electro-Vapor Electro-Hot Air and Electric Light Bath Cabinets; also Betz Famous Dry Hot Air Apparatus in Combination. In a word, we have the most thorough, although not the largest, equipped institution in the world.

We are prepared to teach these systems to honest men throughout the country. Only a few can be taught at a time. For further information regarding instructions or treatment, terms, etc., address, The Thomsonian Institute, 205 North Sixth Street, Allentown, Pa.

Physicians who have lost faith in Stomach Medication can also communicate with us and we will be pleased to give them any information in our power.

It is our intention to make a smaller apparatus so that every physician can afford to use this system in his office to treat all such cases as will not respond to the regular treatment.

Booklets and Pamphlets, Published By The Order Of The Golden Age, Paignton, England.

"Is Flesh-Eating Morally Defensible.?" By Sidney H. Beard. Seventh Edition. Thirty-fifth Thousand. Threepence, post free.

"The Testimony of Science In Favor of Natural and Humane Diet." By Sidney H. Beard. Fifteenth Thousand. Price One Penny.

"The Blood Tribute of Christendom." By Sidney H. Beard. Price One Penny.

"The Coming Revival of Spiritual Religion." By Sidney H. Beard. Price One Penny.

"The Penny Guide to Fruitarian Diet and Cookery." By Dr. Josiah Oldfield. Fourth Edition. Fortieth Thousand. Price One Penny.

"A Tale of Shame and Cruelty." By Dr. Josiah Oldfield.

Third Edition. Fifteenth Thousand. Price One Penny.

"The Way to Health and Happiness By Francis S. Blizard. Price One Penny.

"The True Significance of Food Reform. By Francis S. Blizard. Price One Penny.

"Errors In Eating: A Cause of Physical Degeneration. By Sir W. E. Cooper, C.I.E. Price Sixpence net, post free.

"Is Meat-Eating Sanctioned by Divine Authority?" By Sir W. E. Cooper, C.I.E. Tenth Thousand. Price Threepence.

"Art in Daily Life." By Earnest NewLandsmith, A. R. A. M. Price One Penny.

"The Bible In Relation to Flesh Eating." By Bertram McCrie. Price One Penny.

For Full List of Books, Pamphlets, Leaflets, etc, see the Official Journal.