The root of this plant is well known as being made into ointment for the itch. The roots should be bruised fine in a mortar and put into a basin; add enough cream to make an ointment, keep it warm for twelve hours, but be careful not to scald it. Rub it on at night when going to bed. Three times using it will generally effect a cure. The foregoing described ointment, together with No. 3 and the No. 6, prepared with the spirits of turpentine, will be sufficient to cure any case of this complaint.

The dried root of this common weed is a most excellent agent to use in diseases of the blood and glandular system, and is very valuable in scrofula, especially when discharges are free, as in running of the ear or ulcerated eyelids. It may be used as an infusion, but is best when combined with other remedies. It is not only good in scrofula, but in all skin diseases, syphilis, etc.

The dose of the tincture is from 30 to 60 minims.