§ 189. Angina mercurialis, stomatitis mercurialis.

It was a mistake to consider ptyalism the essential feature of this disease, and the salivary glands as its seat. Hydrargyrosis causes a peculiar kind of stomatitis, which develops itself gradually. At first there is a sensation of heat, burning, increased thirst and metallic taste in the mouth, with accumulation of tenacious mucus and a peculiar smell of the breath. The mucous membrane of the mouth is interstitially distended, pale or livid, seldom red; the gums are swollen and recede from the teeth; the border of the gums and other parts of the mouth are covered by a yellow, cheesy matter; the tongue is swollen and covered with thick mucus. Everything which is taken into the mouth causes a violent pain. The ptyal-ism is frequently very profuse, and prevents sleep by inducing constant coughing, with increased swelling of all the inner parts. At first the mucous membrane which is covered by the pseudo-membrane is a little red, afterwards low, dingy-looking ulcers with irregular edges make their appearance, particularly on the gums and edges of the tongue, showing distinctly the impression of the teeth. The teeth become loose and fall out. Talking, chewing, swallowing is impeded; there is fever, and the symptoms are disposed to run into consumption.

Terminations: recovery frequently very slow; sometimes the ulceration terminates in gangrene; destruction of the alveolae and jaws, necrosis, haemorrhage, etc.

Mercurial angina cannot occur under homoeopathic treatment.

§ 190. The most frequently indicated remedies are, Bellad., Hep. s., Nitri acidum, Dulc, Aurum, China, Iodium. Mezereum, Asa, Carb. veg., Sulphur, Acid, phosph., and some others.

The best remedy, when the nose is likewise involved, is Aurum, 1st, 2d or 3d trituration. If the nose should not be much affected, it is proper to commence the treatment with a dose of Hep. sulph., second trituration; or if the patient should feel very much prostrated, with China, or, according to circumstances, with Bell., Dulc, Arsenic. Sometimes a small dose of homoeopathic mercury, or some other homoeopathic mercurial preparation, may prove very useful, particularly Mercurius bijodatus (Biniodide of Mercury). Tart, emet., one grain in four ounces of water, half a table-sponful every two hours, is one of the principal remedies for the salivation, which is frequently of long continuance.