§ 205. Inflammation of the nose.

For erysipelatous inflammation of the external nose with swelling and burning pains. Arnica, Belladonna, Rhus t., Sulphur, or Silicea, are the most suitable remedies.

In ozaena narium, which does not always depend upon syphilis, but sometimes arises from scrofula, a violent cold, or some general dyscrasia, the frontal sinuses and the antrum highmorianum are involved, first the mucous membrane and afterwards the periosteum and the bones (caries.) The nose becomes red and big, even the periosteum becomes thickened, and frequently induces such a swelling of the nose as makes it impossible to breathe through that organ. Aurum, Bryon, Rhus t., Cocculus, Veratr., Mercur.. Stann., Culc. carb., and the magnet, relieve that condition. For external and internal swelling of the hard and soft parts, with great sensitiveness, loss of smell, dryness of the nose, (dry coryza.) Zincum is one of the principal remedies, although Baryt., Graph it., Natrum mur., and other remedies, are sometimes indicated. If the inflammation should be attended with titillation, or a burning, smarting pain, discharge of fetid, purulent, yellow-greenish matter, the following remedies are indicated: Rhus t., Nux v., Conium, Mezereum, Cina, Merc, Aurum, Ranunculus bulbos., Asa., Thuja, An-tim. cr., Canthar., Phosphorus. Rhus, t., Nux v., Can-thar. and Bellad. deserve a preference when the disease broke out without any definite cause. Merc, Thuj., and Aurum. when it arose from gonorrhoea, or some other syphilitic affection. If the disease should be attended with mercurial symptoms, or caries, Hep. Sulp., Aur., Mez., Asa., Con.. Phosp., Calc. c, and Sil, should be used.