§ 82. Typhus pestilentialis.

We know nothing of the treatment of this disease, and shall, therefore, content ourselves with stating the characteristic symptoms.

The pest is propagated by contact, never by the air. Its principal phenomena are: buboes and anthrax, that is, inflammatory swellings of glands, with tendency to gangrene which sets in with great rapidity, especially in the axilla and the inguinal region; petechias, ecchymosis, violent fever, anguish, excessive vomiting, the brain is greatly involved; all the secretions have a putrid smell and the prostration of the patient is excessive.

The following remedies might perhaps be proposed as corresponding more or less to the symptoms: Vera-trum, Arsenic, Acidum hydrocyan., Lauroc, Kreosot, Quinine, Lachesis, etc.