§ 122. Zona, Zoster, Cingulum.

The zona is very similar to erysipelas; it is generally about a hand's breadth, surrounding the body, or a portion of the body, in the shape of a demi-circle. The eruption is burning, itching and stinging, and consists of little pustules upon an inflamed basis. It is frequently acute, attended with fever.

The character of zona is intermediate between erysipelas and herpes, frequently arises from the same cause as erysipelas, but more frequently from a more deep-seated and general dyscrasia (Hufeland).

The disease is treated like erysipelas. Mercurius may prove very efficient after Rhus t. Causticum is principally applicable in zona when there is a painful itching burning. Some propose Graphites, others Sulphur and Arsenic (the latter particularly for the nocturnal burning); Acidum nitr. and Euphorbium are likewise recommended.