Physiological Action. - The local action of Burgundy pitch is that of a mild irritant. Certain constitutions are affected by it in a very remarkable manner, a troublesome inflammation of a vesicular and pustular character ensuing upon its extensive employment.

Therapeutic Action. - Burgundy pitch-plaster is usefully applied to the chest in chronic pulmonary affections; also to the loins in cases of lumbago, to the joints in chronic articular affections, or to any external part of the body where there is local pain of a rheumatic character, and also where (as in chronic pleurisy) it is desirable to afford firm mechanical support and pressure.

Preparations. - Emplastrum Picis Burgundicae; Empl. Picis cum Cantharide; Emplast. Antimonii; Emplast. Ferri; Emplast. Galbani comp.; Emplast. Opii.