Active Ingredients. - By distillation, the bark yields a warm and aromatic oil. This is a mixture of eugenic acid, C10H12O2, with two neutral oxygen-containing oils.

Physiological Action. - This is not at all accurately known.

Therapeutic Action. - In England, Canella bark is principally employed as an aromatic adjunct to tonic and purgative medicines. It has also been employed against scurvy, but is not an important remedial agent. Combined with aloes, it forms a popular remedy well known by the name of "hiera picra." In tincture of senna, it might be advantageously substituted for cardamoms.

Preparations and Dose. - Pulvis Canellae, gr. xv. - xxx. (1. -

2.); Pulvis Aloes et Canellae, gr. x. - xx. (.65 - 1.25); Vinum Rhei, 3 j. - ij. (4.- 8.).