Active Ingredients. - The taste and odor of coriander seeds are referable to a yellowish volatile oil which in flavor renders them moderately warm and pungent. Kawalier believes it to be of the camphine class, and to consist of C10H9O.

Physiological Action. - Stomachic And Carminative

Therapeutic Action. - Coriander seeds are added to infusion of senna, and to other purgatives, with a view to covering the flavor, and checking any tendency there may be to gripe. As an independent medicine they are rarely used.

Preparations and Dose. - Coriandrum, gr. x. - xxx. (.65 - 2.); Oleum Coriandri (B. Ph.), m j. - v. (.05 - .25). Coriander is an ingredient of Confectio Sennae, and of Tinct. Rhei et Sennas.