Active Ingredients. - Of the three characteristic bodies detect ed by Anderson1 in kamala, - Rottlerine, Rottlerared,2 and a peculiar flocky substance, - it is probable that the first named is the true medicinal principle. This one - rottlerine, C11H10O2, crystallizes out of ether in yellow silky crystals, which melt with heat, and are decomposed if the temperature be raised high enough. They are soluble in water, not readily so in alcohol, but easily in ether. Aqueous solutions of alkalies dissolve rottlerine with a deep-red color.

Therapeutic Action. - The chief medicinal use of kamala is as a vermifuge; it is especially efficacious against tapeworm. Its value in this disorder was first brought prominently into notice by Dr. Mackinnon,3 and various other observers have spoken very strongly in its favor. On the whole, it might perhaps be described as the best remedy for taenia after Filix-mas. An incidental advantage that it possesses over the latter is, that the patient does not need to take any other medicine, either before or after the dose of kamala.

It appears from the statements of Mackinnon, that the Hindoos also employ kamala for the destruction of external parasites: since they employ it successfully as a local application in itch and in herpes circinatus.

Preparations and Dose. - Pulvis Rottlera, 3 i - 3 ij. (4.-8.) as vermifuge.