Active Ingredients. - The oil upon which depends the well-known scent of this plant is colorless; it is apparently of the same composition as the Labiate oils already described, and retains both the odor and the taste of the plant. Sp. gr., 0.888. Boiling point, 365° F.

Physiological Action. - Resembles that of the other aromatic Labiates.

Therapeutic Action. - Nervous headache and hysteria are said to be relieved by the smell of rosemary, and the powers of the mind have been said to be quickened., It is celebrated also for its property of encouraging the growth of the hair and mitigating baldness. The green hue of the pomatums employed for these purposes is chiefly, if not entirely, owing to the presence of rosemary. It likewise is supposed to have the singular power of preventing the hair from uncurling when exposed to a damp atmosphere, whence probably the very ancient fame of rosemary for the toilet. Rosemary is used also as an emmenagogue.

Preparations and Dose. - Oleum Rosmarini, mj. - v. (.05 - .25); Spts. Rosmarini (B. Ph.), mxv. - 3j. (1. - 4.).