Active Ingredients. - Spearmint, cultivated from time immemorial in every kitchen-garden, owes its general properties to a volatile oil, believed to be a hydrocarbon, and containing a peculiar camphor in solution, as also a substance isomeric with carvol. This oil is lighter than water, the sp. gr. being 0.914; the odor is strong and pungent; the taste is the same as that of the living plant; in color it is pale yellow, but with age it becomes reddish. At 320° F. it boils.

Physiological Action. - Stimulant And Carminative

Therapeutic Action. - Like lavender, spearmint is usefully employed in flatulence and to relieve the pains of colic; it is said to be a good adjunct to purgative medicines.

Preparations And Dose. - Aqua Menthae Viridis,

Spearmint Mentha Viridis 44

- ij. (30. -60.); Oleum Menth. Virid., m j. - v. (.05 - .25); Spts. Menth. Virid., m v. - xxx. (.30 - 1.20).